NOLA, 2012

Students visiting with 3 Christian Brothers

Zambia, 2012

Rob Droel '12 with the Christian Brothers

Friday, April 17, 2015

Go New Ro 2015: Meet the Leaders!

Name: Anthony Aurrichio '16

Birthday: June 7th

Campus Involvement:
Student Campus Minister, Go New Ro Student Leader, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Student Government Association, RESPECT Committee, Edmund Rice Society, Tara Knights Society, Kairos Retreat Leader, Iona in Mission Washington, DC and Nazareth Farm team member. 

Singing poorly, going on adventures, and telling corny jokes.

Why did you participate in Go New Ro? 
To build lasting relationships and help provide a strong foundation for incoming students who will be spending the next four years of their lives in New Rochelle.

Favorite thing about Iona?
The incredibly supportive and tight-knit campus community.

Favorite Iona Tradition? 
Laying on the East Hill with good friends.

Favorite thing to do in New Rochelle?
 Exploring the area and finding fun things to do outside of Iona's campus.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Go New Ro 2014: Meet the Leaders!

Name: Steve Hill

Birthday: February 28

Campus Involvement:
Office of Mission & Ministry - Coordinator of Iona in Mission & Residence Hall Minister; Moderator of the Tara Knights Society; Make a Difference Week Committee chairperson; Thanksgiving Basket Drive facilitator

I am a die-hard New York Yankees fan; hiking; and I love finding new spots to eat in New York City.

Why do you participate in Go New Ro?
I look back to a very similar program I did as freshman in college and see how that service experience was the transformative spark of my college life. I learned about the local community, fell in love with service, and began feeling at home in college.  I am so passionate about Go New Ro, because I can see the impact on the participants as they become leaders and do-ers at Iona.

Favorite Thing About Iona? 
We are truly a community here at Iona. I think this is clearly shown at the annual Kickball Game during Make a Difference Week, which highlights the Best Buddies (adults with disabilities) and the children of the Success Center, and the Thanksgiving Basket Drive which saw 135 baskets donated from student organizations, administrative offices, and faculty departments for families in New Rochelle, the Bronx, and Yonkers. We are a community of service...that is the heart of who are.

Favorite Iona Tradition? 
The Pipe Band!

Favorite Thing To Do in New Rochelle?
Eating at some really great restaurants!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Go New Ro 2014: Meet the Leaders!

Name: Kelli Meyer

Birthday: April 29th

Campus Involvement: Assistant Director of Student Development - Leadership, Programming, and Diversity Initiatives; Go New Ro leader; Diversity Committee; Make a Difference Week Committee.

Hobbies: Watching movies, reading cheesy novels, kickboxing and going to the beach

Why do you participate in Go New Ro?
I think it is a wonderful experience to become immersed in the New Rochelle community and live the Iona Mission.

Favorite Thing About Iona? 
The students! Iona students continue to impress me with their leadership, passion for service, and overall support for one another.

Favorite Iona Tradition? 
Homecoming.  It’s a great time for students, families, and alumni get together to celebrate the Iona community.

Favorite Thing To Do in New Rochelle?
Eat (haha).  There are so many fantastic restaurants!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Go New Ro 2014: Meet the Leaders!

Name: Michele Nelson

BirthdayMarch 8th

Campus Involvement: Director of Off-Campus Housing, Go New Ro leader, Make a Difference Week Committee, Winter Auction Committee, Strategic Planning Teams, etc.

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, and cooking...or trying to cook!

Why do you participate in Go New Ro?
This is my fifth Go New Ro!!!  I participate in Go New Ro because I love helping to nurture young civic leaders!  During Go New Ro I love introducing our new students to the greater New Rochelle and Iona communities!

Favorite Thing About Iona? 
My wonderful colleagues who would do anything to help our students!  Iona is an amazing community in the legacy of the Christian Brothers!

Favorite Iona Tradition? 
My favorite tradition is still Make a Difference Week.  The Iona community participates in service all year long, but Make a Difference Week really highlights the wonderful opportunities to engage with our community, introduces our new students to many service sites, and allows each of us to take a moment to reflect on the our work and the reasons for it.

Favorite Thing To Do in New Rochelle?
I absolutely love the parks in New Rochelle!  I really enjoy going for a walk at Glen Island after work.  But I also enjoy Davenport Park, Five Islands Park, Hudson Park, etc.  They all have lovely views of the Long Island Sound and are very peaceful!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Go New Ro 2014: Meet the Leaders!

Name: Caroline Farella '17

Birthday: October 12th

Campus Involvement: 
Go New Ro student leader, Edmund Rice Society (Community Service Chair), Speech & Hearing Club, Iona in Mission (Philadelphia), Residence Hall Association, the Emerging Leaders Program, and Mission & Ministry's service projects.

Hobbies: Singing, traveling and serving others

Why did you participate in Go New Ro?
I wanted to immerse myself and become involved in the community in which Iona College is located. 

Favorite Thing About Iona? 
My favorite thing about Iona is the types of students it attracts and the understanding and caring faculty.

Favorite Iona Tradition? My favorite Iona tradition is the school's commitment to service.

Favorite Thing To Do in New Rochelle? My favorite thing to do in New Rochelle is to eat out at all the different dining options on North Ave with my friends. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Iona in Mission

The mission trip to Zambia was without a doubt the best two weeks of my life! This trip has enabled me to think differently and ask questions by seeing the world through a different set of lenses. It was inspiring to learn more about the Christian Brothers and their commitment to serving the poor. - Kyle

Monday, July 1, 2013

Go New Ro 2013: Final Day!

Although we were tired from yesterday's service sites and many activities, we all came energized for our final day.

After meeting with some Iona administrators during breakfast, the whole "Go New Ro crew" headed up to St. Joseph's Care Facility to meet with many of the retired Christian Brothers for the Go New Ro Project Bro. The students were all inspired by the gracious welcome we received from the Brothers but also their insights and wisdom from many years of service. Hopefully these Go New Ro'ers will join the ranks of the many Iona students who visit St. Joseph's with Mission & Ministry's Project Bro during the year.

We transitioned from engaging in service to discussing servant leadership with President Nyre, Iona College's  Eighth President, in the Charter Room. It was an amazing experience, and privilege, for these incoming freshmen to meet with President Nyre and learn more about his own servant leadership style and how service is at the heart of Iona's mission and character.

                                       Go New Ro'ers with Dr. Nyre in the Charter Room

The Go New Ro experience is not complete without the final lunch at Posto 22 in downtown New Rochelle.  Each of the four Iona in Mission: Go New Ro programs have supported this local business, which also owns the Avenue Deli and Gemelli's, to be good neighbors but also show the Go New Ro'ers the importance of local the great food doesn't make the decision difficult!

From Posto 22 we then moved to the New Rochelle City Hall to meet with Councilman Jared Rice. We discussed the various development projects in the City of New Rochelle, the relationship between Iona students and our local neighbors, civic engagement, and how to get involved in New Rochelle as students. Councilman Rice generously took time out of his busy schedule to meet with our Go New Ro group and our gratitude cannot be expressed enough.

                                  Go New Ro'ers with Councilman Jared Rice at City Hall

To conclude Go New Ro 2013 we gathered in the Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel for the "Ignite our Spirit" Mass with Fr. Frank Dixon celebrating and Jeanne McDermott leading the make-shift choir. Although the air conditioning was not working (FYI it was not cold outside either) it was a great way to give thanks for the various experiences serving, learning to lead, and building community that comprised the 2013 Iona in Mission: Go New Ro experience.

I can't wait to see these nineteen amazingly gifted young adults take the Iona community by storm this fall as they bring their desire to serve and lead. They impressed all of us and truly walk in the footsteps of Bl. Edmund Rice.  Certa Bonum Certamen: Fight the Good Fight!